Character creation:

No Red Talons, no "humorous" characters like male Black Furies.

Make a basic first level character. Pool your dots per section – 15 points for Attributes instead of 7/5/3, etc.

You have all been a pack for years, so when you get together for XP spending you'll need to figure out what you did to earn the XP and that will guide where you spend it.

In terms of Rites – Theurges will put 1-2 points into Rites to show how much they learned before they became Cliath. Any Rites after that will be earned through RP, so see me before you spend your points on Rites.

At the beginning of game you have just become Fostern. You all start with the minimum reputation points you need to be Fostern.

Game setting: the Caern is located in rural Oregon, about an hour southeast of Portland. Caern territory encompasses about half of Oregon. Many characters will probably live in or around Portland, but will be quite used to driving to the Caern.


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